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25 Effective Ways To Use Customer Testimonials in 2022 With Examples

The brand uses both video and written formats to deliver its message to prospects. A case study is an in-depth analysis of an individual customer’s experience with your company. These pieces tend to use a more scientific approach to prove how your business played a role in the customer’s success. For example, case studies often use facts and observations to demonstrate how certain products or services benefit actual customers of your business. Quote are ads or artwork that display positive statements about your company from a brand evangelist or a delighted customer.

When placed side-by-side customer reviews, the enticing images of cappuccinos, muffins, and banana bread make us want to hop on the next flight to New York. Anyone can write their own https://www.tdameritrade.com/investment-products/forex-trading.html, so it’s important your audience knows they’re from real customers. Make sure your testimonials are written in a believable customer voice. Also provide the customers’ full name, their business’s website and logo if applicable, and photos of them using the product to add authenticity and credibility.

How to Write Testimonials (Plus 10 Customer Testimonial Examples)

So HubSpot gets it both ways – there’s the brand recognition of the corporate logos, plus the human connection of seeing other customers as real people. Forex brokers As you can see, certain businesses don’t even need a dedicated page, but they can let their website speak to customers with emotion-provoking videos.


It features detailed biographies of its customers and really makes you feel connected to their stories. In this case, pictures serve as better https://forexreviewdaily.com/alpari-reviews/ than words — but BioClarity still uses both. If you have celebrities or influencers within their community, be sure to include and even highlight their testimonials on your page. Finally, in the theme of earning trust, we love that mHelpDesk closes out its testimonial page with awards and badges of recognition. Many companies struggle to grab people’s attention using their testimonial pages, but Bluebeam does a great job of catching your eye as soon as you arrive on the page. While it’s technically called a Case Studies page, the first thing you see is a set of project examples in the form of large, bold images that rotate on a carousel. Scroll down, and you can also click on video case studies, as well as view customer panels.

As we all know, it’s easy for marketers to brag about how great their product or service is. Writing compelling copy, shooting enticing photos, or even producing glamorous videos are all tactics we use to draw attention to our brands.

Definition of testimonial

Taking advantage of positive reviews on recommendation platforms and social media sites is a great strategy for finding customer https://forexreviewdaily.com/. You can take reviews from Facebook, LinkedIn, TripAdvisor, Yelp, or any other relevant platform. Just be sure to give the appropriate credit by writing the site’s name in the testimonial. These reviews, which can take the form of quotes, short videos, and more, are known as testimonials. That is why we purchase products on a friend’s referral rather than trusting a brand’s sales pitch. Therefore, featuring testimonials on your website, social media, blog, ads, sales pitch, and print marketing materials is a good idea. You simply can’t ignore the power it has and for sales, there is no better platform than it.

  • But in a B2B market, when your product is functional, you need to focus your efforts on channels such as LinkedIn and Youtube to showcase those facts easily.
  • You will get conversions only when you feature relevant and relatable testimonials.
  • Peer reviews are particularly helpful for customers interacting with your business for the first time.
  • You only have to narrate a customer story that resonates with the target audience.

It allows showcasing the features of your solution to prospects and garner more attention. You can choose to have interviews as videos, audio-only or in the written form posted on your company’s blog. You can choose one format or a good mix of all of them to widen your reach. Videos are everywhere and are often considered to be the most effective content format. With videos, you can capture the attention of your target audience better than written content. Here are some video metrics to keep a track off It is possible to captivate the viewers with a perfect mix of visuals and audio.

Testimonial Examples You Can (And Should) Use to Drive More Sales

That’s why Forex brokers pages get less traffic than other pages. Putting your social proof here hides it from your visitors. Similar to sales, people get timid when it comes to asking for testimonials.

Video Testimonials

Using statistics is an excellent way to add details to a testimonial. If it isn’t possible to use statistics, detailing the problem broker alpari and sharing a story of how the product specifically helped solve the problem is another way to create a convincing testimonial.

According to Nielsen’s research study, "92 percent of people will trust a peer ‘s recommendation, and 70 percent will trust someone they don’t even know." Now I need to go back and check how I’ve used the ones I already have. Therefore you will end up with a really long page of content that is diluted because some of the content isn’t optimised. Here’s an example of an excerpt from a page optimized for raccoon removal service. We’ve marked in red every instance of those words, including various grammatical forms.

Your company’s website is the window of opportunity for the brand. If not, you are missing out on a golden opportunity https://forexreviewdaily.com/alpari-reviews/ to boost sales. Embed Google reviews, Facebook reviews, Yelp, and Airbnb reviews on the website.