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Kartu Tarot | Ethereal Visions an Illuminated Tarot Deck | Tarot Deck


Kartu Tarot | The Illuminated Tarot | Tarot Deck


Ethereal Vision dikenal sebagai tarot yang Elegant karena memiliki lapisan emas pada kartu nya yang berkilauan. Sangat indah dan mencerminkan karya seni yang detail dan mendalam. Koleksi kartunya dan rasakan kemewahan kartu tarot ini dalam genggaman kalian.

In creating Ethereal Visions Tarot Matt Hughes has drawn inspiration from the Art Nouveau movement, adopting its distinctive style and meticulous approach to craftsmanship. The artist has also created two additional cards to supplement the traditional Major Arcana.

Every detailed image in the 80-card deck is hand drawn and colored. Each card is illuminated with gold foil stamping, to elegant effect.

Includes a 48-page booklet. Matt Hughes is a self-taught artist who focuses on the aesthetic approaches referred to today as “The Golden Age of Illustration.” His style combines inspiration from the Art Nouveau, Pre-Raphaelite and Symbolist movements, to produce an artistic expression uniquely his own.

Includes :
– 80 Cards
– 48 Pages Booklet.

Format Cards | 48 pages
Dimensions 86 x 135 x 43.18mm | 317.51g
Publication date 01 Oct 2018
Buy From Dunia Fengshui
Publisher U.S. Games
Publication City/Country CT, United States
Language English

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