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Kartu Tarot | Mystic Mondays Tarot | Tarot Deck | Tarot Koleksi


Kartu Tarot | Mystic Mondays Tarot | Tarot Deck | Tarot Koleksi

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Mystic Mondays provides you with a stunning tarot deck that is vibrant, beautifully illustrated, and ready to help you connect to your intuition.

Includes 78 brightly designed cards with hardcover guidebook: This deluxe tarot deck offers fresh interpretations of each of the major and minor arcana in a standard tarot deck. Mystic Mondays is full of positive vibes that invite you to start fresh any day of the week and helps you connect to your intuition.

* This vibrant tarot deck features bright artwork, holographic card edges, and foil exterior to help you create an experience that is visually appealing and all your own.
* A full-color guidebook that describes the symbolism of each card is also included.
* Mystic Mondays was created by Grace Duong who is a multidisciplinary artist and visual designer.

This tarot card set features the strikingly perfect balance of vibrancy and minimalism and is perfect to use however you see fit.

Cards are large enough to appreciate the lively images, but still easy to shuffle and work with.
Makes a delightful and mystical gift for any tarot card and arcana fan.

Format Cards | 78 pages
Dimensions 83 x 133 x 44mm | 362.87g
Publication date 23 Oct 2018
Publication City/Country San Francisco, United States
Language English

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Weight 375 g


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