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Kartu Tarot | The Linestrider Tarot | Tarot Deck


Kartu Tarot | The Linestrider Tarot | Tarot Deck

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Dance on the border between magic and logic, animal and human, the conscious and unconscious mind with The Linestrider Tarot. Linestriding is about walking in two worlds- one foot in each to discover the answers you seek about your health, love, career, and more. Gentle and whimsical, this tarot features a deck and companion book full of beautiful minimalist art by Siolo Thompson. The cards showcase important archetypes and remind us to listen to nature and seek guidance in her voice.

Format Mixed media product | 288 pages
Dimensions 144.78 x 210.82 x 50.8mm | 861.83g
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Weight 900 g


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